We're breaking the curse of triplicates

It is easy for employees and businesses to get bogged down by long paper-trails, bureaucratic ERP systems and multi-department workflows.

At Tail.re, we digitize and optimize all your interactions with the vendors - automating every part of the purchase workflow - from order placement, to reconciliation, to payments.

Intuitive Automation

Tail.re's automation is powered by a self-learning intelligence layer which pre-empts your business' requirements to enable efficient and intuitive fulfilment.

We deliver measurable business value


Tail.re is able to drive additional savings by helping you leverage your credit period, optimize order placement and by optimizing your vendors.


Tail.re removes the redundancies and friction from the indirect purchase process - allowing your workforce to make more value added contribution to the organization.


With less paper to process, you will get more visibility, tighter control and stronger compliance without the bureaucratic hangover.

Other salient features

Tail.re is to manual procurement what computers were to typewriters

Tail.re's intuitive automation frees your employees of their mundane and redundant chores.

Dedicated, multi-channel support

Your business comes first! Our pioneering democratized support mechanism allows any member of your team to request support, so you can continue to focus on what matter most for your business.

VP level support

We value your time immensely. If there's ever a problem that requires your direct intervention or that of your senior management, a Vice President from Tail.re will directly assist you until your problem is solved.

Aligned concierge desk

That can take care of anything and everything your office might need. Whether you need to craft a menu for your office kitchen or need help procuring a vintage Pac Man arcade or a Picasso for your office - our team of empaneled connoisseurs, workplace efficiency experts and international logistics veterans will make it happen for you.

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